11 November, 2016

    More tranquility

    More services

    More benefits

    For only 6% more get a gift of 450€ to enjoy however you want


    The best benefits for the extension of the actual home insurance policy:


    Inclusion of 3,000€ for stole of plants and trees in gardens

    Civil liability for 1.200.000€

    Stole of locker pertenences in gym until 300€

    Damage from leaks

    Methacrylate fractures

    Home appliances fault



  • For only a6% increase in your policy (mínimo 39,50€).

  • Update the insured capital of your policy to have all your belongings insured with their real value and to win in tranquility.

  • By hiring the extension of coverage you can benefit from the raffle of 450€ on a gift card,
    which will be held at the end of this year, so that you enjoy it as you want.